Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is wrong with the turtles?!

Aparrently the dogs have been causing a ruckus among the sandy dunes of Cemetery Beach in Port Hedland, and been digging around the nests of the turtle hatchlings. How in the Sammy Davis Jnr. did I find this out? I'll tell you.

It was early in the morning and our little trio of work experience journos went on a expedition to watch the turtles early morning, mindful that a story could develop about "tourists not paying enough respect to the turtles" and what have you.

Instead we found that before we arrived, the town ranger had been called to remove the stray dog which were causing the ruckus. Well, there's our story right there. So with trusty voice recorder in hand I go and do some digging of my own, and talked to a volunteer about what happened.

I got a nice quite from her before I noticed the ranger walking the sandy beaches along with the tour group which had come out to see the hatchiling turtles. So I tag along with him as he's walking the beach, introduce myself briefly and he gave me some great stuff about what may be causing the dogs to get off the leash of their owners.

Although I've been informed that the ranger services may need to okay the quotes first, the ranger really gave me some dynamite stuff.

So, I've got the story, I've got the quotes but now I need a picture to go with it.

So of course, seeing how Jesus himself has been personally providing for me my entire life (Which would run counter to my assertion that I am Jesus, but I digress), the volunteer starts to pile up all the dead turtles in a pile.

Luckily, it's not too graphic so I have the perfect pic to go with the story.

Now I have the story, the quotes and the pic and I can go back and start to compile my story. It comes out at about 350 words which may be a little on the long side, but after some mucking about with the lead I'm pretty happy with what I've got out of the story.

Normally I'd share the article with you but for ethical and possibly legal reasons I can't do that (see: the ranger quotes) just now, but as soon as it's been given the OK I'll be happy to share it with you all.

'Till next time

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